Месседж ни о чём (ex_im_foto) wrote in cccp_foto,
Месседж ни о чём

60ые Москва

Marc Riboud
USSR. Russia. Moscow. Poster celebrating the cosmonaut Yuri GAGARIN, the first man to travel in space. 1st of May 1961.

Eve Arnold
RUSSIA. Shopping in GUM shopping centre. 1966.

Semyour Raskin
USSR. Moscow. 1961. During the height of Soviet-Cuban cooperation, Nikita KHRUSHCHEV welcomes Fidel CASTRO at the podium of the Kremlin overlooking Red Square.

Bruno Barbey
Gorky Street, before the depart of the cortege for the 50th anniversary of the Russian Revoluation.
Tags: 60-70е, Гагарин, Москва, Хрущев, парады
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